+Launch a Brand+

Muster Point is a kickass launchpad for the like-minded. 

Muster Point is home to hairstylists, makeup artists and a food truck that delivers the goods to salon clients and passersby.  Throughout 2020 we will develop more space in the iconic Muster Point building that will become the home to more great products, great ideas, and great people.

Muster Point embraces the concept that by mustering people with similar interests, we create something greater than what individuals can build on their own. The power of the collective underpins the Muster Point vision.

Register your interest in our new spaces at more@musterpoint.com.au


Spaces Available

We currently have spaces available for more freelance hair stylists and make-up artists!

At Muster Point we’re always on the hunt for the talented and driven to take the next step in their business. Whether that is as a hairstylist, jewellery designer, baker, or something completely left-field – we would love to help you launch your brand. We have a number of different pathways to help you achieve your business dreams in a beautifully designed environment.  

Muster Point is 

the place where talent

and ideas come to life

Muster Point is the place where talent and ideas come to life

are you a hair stylist or Make-up artist?

Are you considering taking the leap to run your own show? Part of our brand launching initiative is Rent-A-Chair

 Style and comfort were at the forefront of the design principles when The Cutting Division was created. The space was deliberately designed to allow multiple micro-business to flourish, with each hairstylist, barber and makeup artist impressing their clients with the sophisticated and thoughtful layout, custom designed fixtures, and the highest quality in salon furniture and equipment. The Cutting Division is the perfect platform for those who no longer want to work for a boss, but want to share their talent with the world.  

We muster people with similar interests, who create something

together that’s much greater than what they could create individually.

53 Maitland Rd, Mayfield East NSW