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Muster Point is the brain child of Kristy and Tanille Elley. After discovering a beautiful art deco building in the heart of Mayfield, they set out restoring it to it’s former glory. They envisaged a collective of varied businesses, all operating out of the “Muster Point”. 
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Humble beginnings.

Muster Point is the brain child of Kristy and Tanille Elley. They’d dabbled in the property market since their early twenties (they’re now pretty much ‘over the hill’), and gathered skills from the education, hospitality, retail, and design industries. They decided to blend all of this experience together to do something big….Something that they would be proud of, but also something to benefit others who wanted more for themselves, but didn’t quite have an easy path to get there.  

The girls (as they’re affectionately known), always having held a keen interest in fashion, design, and forward thinking, were watching trends in the US and UK, where ‘booth rental’ was becoming increasingly popular in the hair industry. They could see the benefits this structure was providing talented creatives, who deserved much more for the hours they worked their scissor, clipper and tint magic. They deserved more freedom, more recognition, and more money! 

A light bulb moment.

The light bulb moment came when by chance they heard about a woman who wanted to privately sell a beautiful art-deco building in Mayfield, a colourful suburb the girls had come to love – so progressive, and so much room for more growth. All the exciting stuff happens on the fringe, right? Think Fitzroy, Surrey Hills, Fortitude Valley.  

The building had been a newsagent for 80 years, and its unique features were well hidden behind dust, grime and magazine promotions. The yard space was veiled behind high fences and filled with nothing but bins. It was going to be a ‘roll up your sleeves’ couple of months if they were ever lucky enough to become the new owners.  

Embracing history, breaking new ground.

Six months later, the settlement took place, unbeknownst to anyone outside of the Elley clan. The girls researched the history of the building, erected in circa 1941, and carefully restored it to its former glory. Once upon a time, urban legend says, two spinster sisters (the Perry’s) lived above the shop with all their coins filling the bathtub. Despite a thorough search, the girls couldn’t find any treasure. The fences came down, the curved glass frontage was celebrated, and the bold black and white that is synonymous with the Muster Point brand was coated on every surface. 

launching towards a kickass future.

Kristy and Tanille designed the salon on the ground floor themselves, with the client experience at the forefront of their decisions. The girls have put a clean twist on the standard industrial style, fusing this tribute to the suburb’s history with the original art deco style of the architecture. The salon radiates style and comfort…The girls may not be trained to be behind the chair, but they’ve certainly spent a lot of time in it! 

The yard space was tucked neatly under a beautiful shady tree, and needed some life injected into it. A quirky little food truck was soon rolled in, serving salon clients and passersby pimped toasties, old school-shakes and top notch coffee.

The result is Muster Point, a kickass launchpad for the like minded. With room to grow on the first floor, watch this space.

Taking it to the next level.

The original home of the Perry sisters, the first floor of the building had some colourful residents in its time. Most recently the first floor was home to a group of young guys who had their drum kit in the loungeroom. When they moved home to their parents, and the salon temporarily shut its doors in response to the COVID19 pandemic, it was time to fast forward plans to create a base for even more kickass freelancers. While most of the world was self-isolating and social distancing, the girls swung into action yet again to totally transform the first floor and rear courtyard, which are now the home base for a further assembly of incredible businesses. Muster Point is now a destination. See our directory for the full list of businesses calling Muster Point their home base.